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Robbie Jarvis Sound & Lighting Co.
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Customer Accolades

Here is what our customers are saying...

Here are some actual quotes from our satisfied REPEAT customers...

"Oh, Robbie Jarvis is doing the sound tonight?
That's the Balls!"
-Sandy Martin "An Evening with Patsy Cline"

"I wish we could use you on every gig."
-James Montgomery

"We could have used you in Daytona"
-Dan Lawson

" I like having Robbie Jarvis on sound & lights because I know I don't have to worry about a thing on stage."
-Tim Rice, Boston College Bureau of Conferences

"Robbie Jarvis and his crew are the best sound company you could ask for. We are glad to have him working with us as often as possible."
 -Dom Viscione, Lead Guitarist and Vocalist for "The Reminisants"

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Robbie Jarvis Sound & Lighting Co. * Sandwich, MA * Cape Cod * US * 02563